5 short-term savings options but also high-interest rates!

In 2020, there are many unexpected situations that will affect the economy. However, when the economy tends to be very recessionary, it is important to note that the economy is likely to be in recession. Long-term savings may make shopping options stenosis. Therefore, short-term savings through a savings account is the most appropriate option.

1. Short savings with CIMB Thai Digital Savings Account

  • It is a savings account without a double book.
  • There is no minimum account opening and deposit.
  • No documents required to open an account.
  • Receive a return on interest rate of 2.00% per annum When there is a deposit limit from 10,000 – 50,000 Baht
  • Calculation of deposit interest Use a step-by-step approach.
  • An e-statement has been sent to the account holder at the end of the month via email provided by the account holder to the Bank.
  • Highlights of this account Open an account easily and transactions can be made via the CIMB THAI Digital Banking app, and this account can be tied to a Digital Savings debit card for payment or atm.

2. ME SAVE by TMB Short-Term Savings, High Interest Digital Hidden Conditions

  • There is no minimum account opening and deposit.
  • Deposit and withdraw at any time casually
  • Receive a return at the rate of 1.60% per annum, or 4.5 times the average savings.
  • The highlight of this account is that there is no fee for SMS, account opening fee, requesting a statement dating back to the year, there is no fee at all. Another point is that you can see the accumulated interest every day.

3. Short-term savings with happy home savings account from GHB

  • Open your first account with a minimum deposit of only 500 Baht or more.
  • Interest rate return of 0.50%-1.10% per annum (as announced by happy home savings rate of the Bank as of March 6, 2020)
  • Highlights of this account Who is already a loan customer of the GHB is very convenient. There are deposit accounts that can be used to pay off your bank loan debt easily and conveniently.

4. TMB NO FIXED Savings Account from TMB Bank

  • Open an account for free There is no minimum requirement to open an account and deposit and no deposit period is set.
  • You can withdraw at any time and there is no limit to the number of times.
  • Receive a return on interest rate of 0.90%-1.50% per annum, and there is also a special interest bonus for those who invest in mutual funds up to 1.70% per annum.
  • To increase the interest rate from 0.90% to 1.50% faster, use the same as tmb account. All free, just 5 transactions per month can earn more interest.
  • The highlight of this account is the Savings Goal service, which allows you to set your savings goals effectively and make saving short-term savings easier.

5.New TMRW Savings Account

  • There is no minimum account opening and deposit.
  • Bill Spending Free transfer fee
  • It’s paired with the TMRW app, where you can easily check every spending.
  • TMRW debit cards can be cashed at ATMs at all banks nationwide and at UOB ATMs abroad.
  • Receive a return on interest rate of 0.1% per annum
  • The specialty of this account is that the difference between TMRW Savings and the gaming features. Make account holders more enjoyable saving money. Designed to make the game a style city building game. The more money the city collects, the more it becomes. Make saving money easy.

All of these are 5 options for short-term, high-interest savings in the form of savings accounts, which is considered a streamlined collection channel. It’s still interesting, and it’s also a good savings option during the global economy’s recession. Who’s looking for a way to make short-term savings work? Try saving through this suggested account and you’ll save more efficiently.

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