7 Ways to Make Money Online Make Money Easy 2021

For Making Money Online Earning extra money online is also available in a variety of ways. Whether it’s online sales, It’s a good way to work online, making money that’s convenient wherever you can. Earn money online as a special income or possibly the main income of many people. People, too.

Today, mylivingthing.com will introduce ways to make money online, invest little or barely invest anything, but can make money in the long run, which is likely to be the right fit for the economy of this 2020, where earnings have been uncertain. The work that does not know how long it will last requires a lot of extra income. A way for your own security. How do you make money online?

Freelance (Fastwork, write articles, translate, data keys)

Fastwork, one of the most freelance websites known for its freelance work, is a web that provides freelancers with professionals such as Graphic & Design, Marketing & Advertising, Writing and Translation, Audio and Video, Web & Programming, Web & Programming. It’s called a place to make money for people who are freelancers.

The only way to get a job from Fastwork is simply to apply as a freelancer or web member, and then leave a profile, suggest yourself, deposit your work, leave your work, and, more importantly, the rate of admission, and then wait for the customer to get in touch through Fastwork.

  1. Sell your preferred work on Fastwork
    • In order for the employer to consider the work of making hiring decisions.
  2. Discuss details and bid with employers.
    • Fastwork will find the employer for you.
    • The system will not allow you to send line, telephone number, email to the employer.
    • You must press the Bid button to bid before the employer can press it.
  3. Wait for the employer to pay through the system to start working.
    • Once you pay, you can exchange YOUR LINE, phone number, email.
    • Don’t start working. If you haven’t received a notification from your system yet
  4. Submit a job and wait for the employer to approve the job.
    • By using the Upload Final Task button to submit the final task for the employer’s approval.
  5. Rating & Reviews
    • Give freelance ratings and reviews for freelance work or freelance credits.

Website (Google AdSense)

Making money online with Google AdSense is a way to make money for people with their own website or blog.

The acquired code is an ad submitted by Google, where the ad appears on your page. Ads have categories that correspond to the content of your website. For example, if your website is a travel-related website, the ads that will appear may be The ads sent by Google will include text, images, or videos. You can choose which type of ad you want to use to suit the area on your page.

How does Google AdSense (website) revenue occur?

Replacement episodes from Google AdSense are caused by clicks and delivery. There are two main types of income calculations:

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC) when a website visitor clicks on a Google ad, giving the site an immediate return. When clicked by each ad, the click will receive an uncertain return. It depends on who advertises with Google AdWords whether they can advertise at a high or low price.
  2. Pay Per Impression (CPM) Returns are available at ad serving. When someone visits a website and Google ads show up, the revenue generated from your ad will be generated when a website visitor and 1,000 ad ads are run.

YouTuber (Google AdSense)

In addition to making money online from Google AdSense by making websites, there is one other way to do the web: to upload video media via Youtube.

Many people wonder how to make money from Google AdSense on Youtube, where the exposure to Google AdSense revenue is an ad that appears before the clip plays, or between clips, maybe 5-30 seconds, 1 minute or more. Skipable, Skipable You can choose the format of the ad to show in the clip. So if you’re not good at making websites but have the ability to make content that’s video media, it’s easy to make money online with Google AdSense.

Terms of Opening Google AdSense For Youtube

  • Youtube channels and clips uploaded on that channel must comply with google’s policies and guidelines.
  • The Youtube channel must have more than 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of public viewing time.
  • Only one AdSense account is required to receive one.

For those who haven’t yet turned on youtube, you need to sign up for the YPP or YouTube Partner Program, which of course the channels that can subscribe to YPP must meet the google criteria set above, then follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to YouTube
  2. Select the account icon in the top right corner, select“Youtube Studio”.
  3. Then go to the menu on the left side of the “Monetization” screen.
  4. Click the “Open Monetisation” button.

In addition to google revenue, YouTube currently has revenue from other channels.

  • A channel subscription pays a monthly membership fee for viewers who want to support the channel, and the subscriber who subscribes to the privileges given by the channel owner.
  • YouTube Premium revenue is paid part of YouTube Premium when someone subscribes to your channel’s content.
  • Super Chat viewer payments to highlight messages in live stream chats

Affiliate Program (Shopee, Lazada)

Another channel for people with websites/blogs. Own your own Affiliate (Affiliate) This is a program that can make money for you in a simple way that many people may not understand, we can explain simply that if you like to make an offline affiliate, it’s like you’re a land broker, you don’t need your own land, but you have space or a channel to post a sale. When someone buys the land through you, you get a commission, which is called affiliate sales.

As with affiliates, you simply sign up as a partner with websites like Shopee, Lazada, to get the code on the web so that the product ads appear on the page. When someone enters the page, you get a “commission” or a percentage of sales.

How many affiliate marketers are sold?

  • Pay Per Sale (PPS) pays when an item is sold, as a percentage of the sales of the goods/services or the commission itself, depending on the product/service.
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL) is paid for. When someone applies or registers via link, most of them are goods/services, types, cash cards, credit cards, insurance, etc.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC), similar to Google Adsense, is paid to people who advertise per click, whether they can sell or sell.

So before you start making an affiliate, you need to have your own website. In order to install affiliate-linked banner ads on your website, it is important that the stores that are open to the broker to promote the product to the affiliate program will always ask and always consider whether you will participate.

4 Steps to Start Making Affiliate Revenue

  1. Create websites, blogs, or Facebook Pages and update interesting content to put affiliate links on the web.
  2. Sign up for an affiliate program to get affiliate links to the web
  3. After you’ve accessed affiliate links, you can develop and update the site to be interesting, or you can provide a promotional approach to give people more access.
  4. Wait for users to purchase goods or services through your link in order to earn commissions.

Blogging Makes Money With Blockdit

First, let’s get to know Blockdit, reading that block-dit is derived from the word Block + Edit together as Blockdit. Edit is an
open way for everyone to write their own articles, their stories, as well as the place where everyone in society shares their knowledge. Anyone can be the Editor or editor of their own Page.

Blockdit is a social media app developed by Thai people with the aim of opening up
space for people who love to read, read articles, information, news, quality, and people who love to write to share quality content with a special income.

How to earn money from writing Content with Blockdit?

For those who want to make money by writing an article in Blockdit, you need more than 1,000 followers to open the “Earning” button.

  • The written article must be rewritten manually and not copied to the work of others. I’ve never posted anywhere else before.
  • The translated work must be reordered not to be very similar to the source and to reference the source, as well as give the original credit.
  • The article must contain at least 200 words per article, or if it does not reach it, it must contain an accompanying image that the author has created, along with the Blockdit credit.
  • No prizes or activities are offered to draw readings from visitors.

Trade stocks or play stocks

Many of you have heard of stock money. Finding money online in this way carries a moderate to extreme risk, one of the investments that rely on economic education. Playing stocks is an investment. Start by opening a stock account with a bank or broker. If you haven’t heard much of it before, you can learn more about brokers.

A stock account is like our deposit account that requires that money to buy shares for itself. Invest our money to invest in a stock exchange company, which is that we are a partner with an investment company that will be very small depending on the number of shares. The amount that goes down.

How do we get money from making money online this way?

  • The higher the value of the shares, the higher the profit from the increased difference multiplied by the number of shares that go down.
  • The dividend stipulated in the company’s dividend will be much less dependent on the company’s performance and the amount of shares we have in the stock account.

Sell Pictures Online

Selling images online is where we sell our own photos to the photo sales site, which today’s photo depositing site has many sites. For example, shutterstock, iStockphoto, Dreamstime, Fotolia, Depositphotos and much more. You can join the membership for free.

These sites are the intermediaries in the sale of our photos. The image sold is not sold in any way, meaning that one image can be resold 24 hours a day. If our images are featured and meet the needs of many different groups of customers, they can generate revenue in many ways.

Ask who the customer group is and what to do with the image? As a result of lifting statistics from shutterstock, up to 80% of customers in Europe and America will be able to engage with their own businesses such as packaging, advertising, article assembly, website illustrations, and business, which of course the images that will be used must be copyrighted images. There will be no prosecution at a later date.

The method of selling images is simple, with the qualifications being 18 years old or older. Camera (handheld) The image is composed or unm authored, but the image must have clear details such as 6 megapixels or more, the image has a scale that meets the standard size of the web, is beautiful without branding, or contains hidden ads. To be approved to earn or sell on the web.

Techniques for selling images online

  • Choose a site that has a lot of visitors. Learn how to sell your images.
  • Take photos in your own style. Clear visual composition Convey the meaning of the image.
  • Name the image and description to make it easier to find, and more importantly, to be consistent with the meaning of the image.
  • Image quality must be standardized in both image size and image detail.
  • The image should be both vertical and horizontal.
  • It’s free to download for early years to get people to follow up on their work.

If you like our article, share it with us, hope that this article will be the idea of making money online for you to follow or make money.

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