A total of 9 interesting careers in the future How not to lose your job!

We’re all in a period of dissipation, or simply, the greatest transitional moment, like the past we’ve had to use paper, and today almost everything is being converted into digital files, and it’s evolving even if it sounds good, but by nature humans aren’t built to accommodate this rapid change. This requires us to make a big adjustment to survive in an uncertain labour market in the near future. These nine interesting careers in the future are definitely trending in the new decade.

Online Marketers Market Analyst

Every business in the online world is trying to scramble the user’s online space and time. Successful online businesses can’t be a good online marketer, or you can say that marketing is as important as product quality, and in the future, online marketing is growing, you don’t have to tell me how much it’s going to be.

Application Developers

Any use of something on our IT equipment is required through the application. From work, shopping. Watch movies, listen to music, or game books. These applications require a large number of developers. It’s no wonder that this will become the most interesting career from today and the day ahead. If you’re really good, global companies always give you the opportunity.

Developers and designers of robots with AI

These days, i. One of the technologies that has been the most invested, seen as robotics and artificial intelligence. All analysts expect to play a significant role in human life in the next few decades, and will make robotics and AI professionals a career group that will certainly not be unemployed when the time comes.

Data Science

In the digital world, information is everything. The person who manages the data is the person who controls the direction of the stream. It doesn’t have to be a career in the future, because today’s data science like Big Data is becoming more and more important. Data Science workers are undoubtedly one of the most interesting professions of the future.

Medical & Nursing Professions

Doctors and nurses are highly demanding professions because each country is heading towards an elderly society, a society that needs special care, especially for health. As a result, these two careers are never going to be easy to lose, and they’ll only have to take it to work. In Thailand, we are, too. This health career has never been enough.

Entrepreneurs Business travelers

Our world, whether online or offline, needs people to create jobs, innovate, innovate, entrepreneurs or business people, so it’s the last profession to run out of the world. Who is afraid of losing his job to practice trading skills? Who sells good bargains?

Elderly Assistant

Just like a nurse. When entering the elderly society A caretaker’s career would be in great demand and a good income. The more society gets older, the better. This group of people is more desirable and not just in Thailand. But it’s all over the world Anyone with a heart of generosity, sacrifice, and care for others. This is another profession that should not be overlooked.

Technicians and Engineers – Alternative Energy

Alternative energy such as solar, electricity and wind power is trending overseas. In line with the extreme deteriorating global environment, Although there are still not many roles in the world today, the future will certainly be more important. This is truly a career of the future.

People working in the food business

Food is the end of the business that will be closed, no matter the natural disasters, epidemics, recession, and the need to eat. People don’t like to cook their own food because of the changing lifestyle of working people. I don’t want to waste time cooking, and with more delivery service, it’s a golden time for a real cook.

All nine careers are the rising stars of their future careers. However, choosing a job based on compensation and stability should not be everything to make a decision. Because if the job doesn’t match your interests and talents, it’s hard to succeed. It’s not in the stream, you’ll never lose your job. You know this and you’re always on the same course and knowledge. Because your quality is the best unemployment insurance in the world.

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