About Us

mylivingthing believes that wealth Create it for everyone.

We’ve built this site during a period of economic downturn, but despite that, we expect the good inspiration and financial knowledge we have written on this website to help everyone get away with this economic period. Even in the darkest moments. If you still have hope, dreams and inspiration, Wealth can be creative.

Who is mylivingthing?

mylivingthing.com is a gathering of people who believe that wealth can be created by the name of our website from income, which means income or income, mixed with the word Inspire, which translates as inspiration. Together, it is a meaningful term that we think of ourselves as “inspiring monetization” because we sincerely believe that wealth can be created.

What content does the mylivingthing website contain?

Our ultimate aim is to help all Thais. Create your own wealth Even when the economy is bad. Our content will consist of monetizing This is the case, either as an income from an additional occupation or an investment income. Managing money to make it possible for all readers to use it and create sustainable wealth for life.