Features you should have before applying for a credit card Sign up every time!

Nowadays, no matter what store you enter, you’ll see a lot of promotions from your credit card. And there are many perks from such cards that tempt. I want to have my own credit card. Of course, it is necessary to have your own credit card.

And it’s important that your friends have to qualify, as required by each bank, to apply for a credit card, not to have a role to go through and to sign up for. He’s going to have to conduct a thorough investigation of our information. If you walk in naked, you’ll be able to see the We’ll take your friends to explore the properties before applying for a credit card, ensuring that there’s no frustration at this time!

There is clear collateral.

The first feature that anyone must have before applying for a credit card is that the credit card must be secured first, but hey, this is not the individual, but the collateral that we are talking about and the collateral that the bank receives is the full income or other income that can be verified because the credit card is the loan that the bank provides to us. So if you’re going to get a loan, we’ll need collateral for the bank to look into as evidence.

Working period with salary base earned

The next feature to check is the work. Applying for a credit card is easy to get through. Your friends will have to work at least six months and should have a base salary of 15,000 baht on a regular income, so they can be considered safe and able to apply for credit cards without worrying. If your friends are freelancers, it’s not too hard to apply for a credit card. Only friends have a clear income into their account. The bank will also accept that it must be around 15,000 Baht.

Clean history

As you know, credit card subscriptions require a clear verification. So if your friends have a bad financial history, such as defaulting on your credit card, it’s definitely difficult to apply for a credit card, but you’ll always have to take good care of your finances. Try not to spoil your financial history or have a lawsuit. It’s easy to miss.

The documentation is ready.

Let’s get to the paperwork. Before applying for a credit card In addition to checking their own history and features, The basic documents that your friends must prepare before applying for a credit card are a copy of the id card, a copy of the bank account page, a copy of the deposit and withdrawal in the historical deposit account, as well as a copy of the historical payslip that we have. In many banks, they often ask for their friends’ company numbers for verification. If you write the information in this section, you may not be able to apply for a credit card.

All of the documents we’ve been talking about. Friends must not forget to sign the correct copy. It also states that the document is a copy for use in all parts. At present, there is a lot of evidence forged. Signing it is another way to protect yourself from financial crimes.

All eligible to apply for a credit card, but i don’t know which one to apply for.

We’ve reached the last topic. After checking the eligibility before applying for a credit card, it comes to another important part: choosing a credit card. Of course, each credit card has different advantages. The criteria for deciding to apply for the first credit card Your friends should choose to apply for a credit card that meets our lifestyle.

For example, if you like to eat frequently as a real eater, it’s a good idea to apply for a credit card with a discount promotion with a restaurant that your friends like, or if you can’t decide to choose a credit card in your mind, then compare the pros and cons and value of each card.

So before you apply for a credit card, In addition to the well-reviewed features, be sure to read the details and learn about the benefits we will receive. It prevents misunderstandings and retains their rights, and if anyone meets the requirements, they will be asked to do so. Don’t worry, make sure that every pass is not a waste of time. For anyone who reads here and prepares everything, it’s a good place to stay. Start walking into the bank, file paperwork and prepare to have your first credit card. It’s a good place to stay if you’re looking for a place to stay.

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