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Have you ever had a life in a whirlwind of stress? It’s a bit uncomfortable, suffocating, crammed into the chest. I don’t know how to get stressed out, and often we’ll try to find ways to relieve those terrible feelings, whether it’s going out to the party. Watch movies, eat delicious food or do whatever you like, but finally when you come back, nothing else is done. The stress will be looping back to the island. That’s because we probably haven’t “understood.” The problem with us is truly problematic. This is why we didn’t solve the problem of stress in the first place.

What is stress caused by it? What are some ways to get stressed out?

We believe that we know a variety of “temporary” ways to get stressed out, and use it to relieve stress often. Whether it’s eating, eating, But after that, unless you have to re-strain the same problems that have not been solved, it will increase the stress. As a result of the temporary stress relief (and ineffective) Like an increase in body weight and loss of confidence. The money to spend on entertainment for a while and the health of the body is deteriorating with the penalty, which is a solution that doesn’t work at all.

In turn, it’s a permanent, more sustainable way to get stressed. It is to know how to understand the problem in order to know the root cause of the problem. Factors that promote Once we understand, we will be able to find a way to eliminate or reduce those factors and eventually cause stress-generating problems.

Which way we can understand the problem. The following steps are available:

1. Start by understanding yourself that you are stressed.

Stress can result in muscle stiffness, headaches, and the system in the body is not functioning properly, impairing the intelligence to analyze the problem. When you understand yourself, we’re determined that we don’t want to be stressed. We need to solve the problem to get rid of this stress sustainably. Don’t get away with temporary entertainment that doesn’t help eliminate our problems.

2. What is the problem? Answer the problem first.

Some people are stressed out, they know they’re stressed, but they can’t answer the stress of any problems, which can be caused by lack of money. No work, insults, loss of loved ones, feeling insecure, safe, or else, considering to make it clear to yourself what problems are being put in place today? If you don’t know what the problem is, how can I find a way to get stressed out?

3. The next step is to analyze the root cause of the problem.

The list gives itself a clear picture of things such as the lack of money we don’t have due to a lack of financial planning. Spend no mind, either we haven’t prepared to reserve money in the first place, or we’ve had a relationship with a lover because we don’t care about paying attention to their loved ones in the first place. It’s a big emotion of yourself. It does not keep the promise stipulated to each other, for example.

4. Can you eliminate the cause? What can I do?

Once you know the cause of the problem, consider finding a solution for each cause. like our financial problems. Should spending budgets be budgeted, splitting their savings in emergencies and considering their own expenditures closely?

5. What kind of life do we want?

In addition to understanding stress, problems, and solutions, we also need to understand what kind of life we need. It’s also important to understand yourself in this way. In addition to allowing us to move on to the better point of life. It will also help us to fight the problem and reduce the stress that comes with it.

6. Create a cause that leads to a dreamy life.

How to sustain stress In addition to eliminating the causes of stress-causing problems, we should find something that improves our lives in tandem every day. To be a creative driving force for life.

The best way to get stressed is to understand all dimensions of the problem and use intelligence to solve it.

After considering all aspects of the problem, we’ll know what steps we need to do. The solution to the stress that makes us feel bad. In this day and down, the dream life awaits as a reward if we overcome these problems. Let’s just say we are painstakingly trying to resolve the issues according to the guidelines we have relentlessly defined. Someday a happy, stress-free life, suffering will soon come true. If you’re one of those people who’s stressed about something in your life, Let’s stop reviewing the six steps mentioned above, because once we understand both the stress and the problem, we’ll see how we can deal with it.

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