How to save money for buying a phone as a student?

Saving money to buy a phone may sound extravagant, but actually, this is the first goal to allow students to collect extra money and know their financial plans.

Smartphones are the 5th or sixth factor of our human society, and Gen Z has grown up with this, making it one of the most indispensable things to live.

But one phone is sometimes expensive, too. I’d like a new version, but I don’t want to bother the house. This time, i’ So we have a way to save money on student phone purchases. What can I do for students?

Set goals

In order to collect money to buy a phone, it’s actually a good goal to save money, but if you want to make it a reality, you should have a specific goal: to save my iPhone, save money, buy it in a few months.

In order to be able to continue to plan your finances, you can use the Whether it’s savings, savings, savings, savings To calculate expenditure, or do i need to earn extra income?

Save money from today.

How to save money buying a student phone It’s easy to get on the spot and don’t get hurt by the way the house is, saving your own money. Don’t wait next month, next week, or tomorrow. You’re going to have to start saving money today.

Now, the way you save money is different. Some of them dropped jars. Some people use it to deposit money to the bank. Some students may think about investing in savings. This one’s all about style.

But i believe there’s a question of when to get a phone call. 10 00 baht per day. Save 2-3 thousand baht per month to buy your intended phone. It’s time to be out of time.

That’s why. We want to tell you you don’t have to rush. The handset has been in a very fast release for a few months.

If you save enough money then you’ll get a newer version of the phone you’ve intended, and the performance is better, so start saving today.

Reduce your own costs.

Saving money that works well will also be coupled with unnecessary cost reductions. You’ll need to start looking at your spending habits, what they spend one day.

If you’re focused on shopping, you’ll need to cut down. If you’re socializing often, you’ll need to reduce these unnecessary behaviors.

Many people have a problem with this because they want to save money to buy their phones, but until they lose money with their friends and go with things until the end of the month, they don’t have any money to save, so they’re determined to keep them in the next month.

It’s time to live the same life, so I can’t save money. So, to keep your money and money in a lousy way. You’ve got to have to tighten your own spending belts.

I want something.

Of course, sitting down and sleeping around the new smartphone will not float to us. In addition to saving, we will also need to find ways to make more money for ourselves. Because some people may not have enough income to collect.

It takes time to work to make more money for yourself. Nowadays, there are many ways to think about it: applying for part-time work at various department store companies.

Some part-time jobs are up to 45 baht per hour. You only need 1-2 months during the recess to earn a substantial amount, which is why you can save money for a very good student phone.

Check every bill See all discounts

In addition to working and collecting money, Another way to save money is to make it easier and more effective: to use discounts and perks from shopping and food.

Now the restaurant. Shopping Malls Convenience stores are offered promotions. There is a 5% 10% discount on the end of the receipt quite often, or some times the spending via Wallet on mobile.

The use of these rights is not damaging or messy. On the other hand, this kind of spending is a smart way to buy. We don’t miss out on the cheap items, reducing some of our costs. When costs are reduced, we have more money left.

How to save money to buy a phone for a student You guys, you can see that it’s really not that difficult, it’s very close to all of us, and sometimes we do these things every day, but there’s no clear goal.

Now that you know, let’s use it, and the new handset will move a little closer.

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