How to save money to survive in 2021?

How to spend money economically It’s actually something we’ve always been interested in. But it seems that saving money will become the most important thing in 2020, with many crises going on, which will have a devastating impact on the world’s economy. Economic recession Oil prices slump The stock index has fallen like never before, until the day of the government’s directive to keep everyone at home. Close the business at the risk of a large number of viral diseases.

As a result of all this, 2020 is a crisis year that forces us to tighten our belts to save every penny, because you can’t know what’s going to happen on a daily basis. Will the wake-up call continue to be the same income job? Here are some good ways you can use it to save money on your pocket to get away with it.

Know how to live your life safely, know how to spend money economically.

If you want to survive safely in 2020, in addition to having to protect yourself from invisible pathogens, you need to be safe. Learning how to use your money economically to protect every penny in your pocket for peace of mind is equally important. If there is still money in your hand, there will be more handicaps than to exchange goods for our quality of life.

  • No, can I pay for it? If DIY is easy to use yourself, it’s not difficult.

A way to save money that focuses on self-reliance. It may require our creativity to apply the necessary items to invent what we want to use first, such as the invention of new shoe cabinets from old bookshelves. The use of unused shirts is transformed into a bag of clothes.

  • The location is great, just a few minutes walk from the train station.

For those who have to work far away from home and find a temporary rental address. Many people may think that finding cheap accommodation is far from work and then relying on a long trip to work. This method may not work much. In addition to increasing the cost of travel, And for those who have to scramble for a public car or wait long hours every morning. It can also cause duties, irritability, bad moods. As opposed to adding a little more money to being close to work and relying on “walking” to work that helps us get some exercise and time off, it’s a better way to get out of the house.

  • To be a green, environmentally friendly.

Many behaviors of people with environmentally friendly habits. Reuse recycled bags, bring milk bags to the floor, which is the principle of reducing waste, saving energy, and saving money at the same time. This way, in addition to protecting the money in our pockets well. It also helps us to protect our beloved world at the same time.

  • Shopping infrequesly and is a big pack.

Buying a large pack will help the price of the product cheaper and save a lot of money. In savings time We may have to change our behavior from before buying items one by one from a nearby convenience store to buying a large pack of items, and then gradually using it, even if you feel uncomfortable paying a lot of money at a time.

  • Sign up for free department stores and stores to track promotions and special discounts.

We can rely on the advantage of a competitive capitalist trading system. You can also plan your spending every time you make a purchase. This may be a quick way to keep up with the news, but it saves us a lot of money, but be careful to fall prey to marketing and how to save money until you buy unnecessary items back without knowing it.

  • I want to watch a free movie, redeem your credit card points.

For those who are cinema goers or want to relax themselves by having a fun movie in the cinema, there’s also a lot of worry about expensive tickets. On average, men with low salaries can earn credit card points for a few months at a time for free, which is enough.

  • Save water by ‘using water repeatedly’

Another way to save money is to pay attention to our water use. The water used in the bath may be stored for washing. The water used for washing can be scrubbed, cleaned by the floor. The water used to clean the floor can be used to reduce the water of the tree. With this method, we will be able to save a lot of water. It’s perfect for the way of life to stop at home in a state of heavy plague and to use a lot of water at the property today.

So what kind of money do you have?

After reading all the money savings mentioned above, You’ll have no idea how to save money in your pocket, hopefully there’s a way to go, and it can be used, even if 2020 may be a bad year for the world’s finances. But if we’re conscious and know how to save enough, don’t be extravagant. It is believed that everyone will go through this crisis.

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