Introducing 7 daily part-time jobs that earned good money this year

Daily part-time work is a great help for students. student, student If you’re looking for extra income, you can apply for a day job. You don’t need a lot of features and you can choose a job that matches our free time.

Today, we introduce 7 daily part-time jobs that earn well this year, with the latest pay updates for anyone looking for a daily part-time job that suits themselves.

1. Book sales booth staff

The book festival is getting stronger every year, even though it’s moving to The City of Gold, but there are still people who follow the crowds. There are also many small errands in Bangkok and in major provinces, where book booth sales people become a daily part-time event and earn good money.

Wage Rate : 500-800 Baht

2. Call Center Food delivery staff

The consumption of a new generation focused on convenience has made food delivery a huge force. Many companies require daily part-time employees to pick up their phones and serve customers who call to order food each day.

Wage Rate : 500-900 Baht

3. Product Counting Officer

Counting staff is always a popular daily part-time job. Most of the time, it’s a night shift or a morning shift. Suitable for those who want to find extra work in addition to regular school or working hours.

Wage Rate : 500-800 Baht

4. Booth Sales Officer

Many events are regularly used by day time employees to be more of a boot salesman, so who’s good-talking, good-looking, smiling, cheery, you’re probably the right one for a boot sales job.

Wage Rate : 500-600 Baht

5. Gift wrapping staff, arrange baskets.

Department stores usually employ regular gift wrappers, but during the festival, especially at the end of the year, this type of daily part-time event is very popular, and the rate is also good.

Wage Rate : 325-800 Baht

6. Product Pack Staff

Big warehouses like Lazada or JD Central require daily part-time staff to help pack their goods. The goods must be exported as ordered by the customer at all times. If you’re looking for a daily job, the job is also interesting. It’s easy to find a job and you can keep doing it.

Wage Rate : 600 Baht

7. Staff at the registration point

Nowadays, meetings and seminars are held as mushroom blossoms. As a result, many organizers are looking for more part-time employees. It’s not difficult to do this job, just hold an ipad or tablet to register the attendees’ information or seminars and introduce basic information to participants or other events within our scope.

Wage Rate : 1,000 Baht

For those looking for a daily part-time job, try bringing the top 7 jobs that earn well in 2019 as a way to find work. It’s easy to find a job. Make a bang!

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