Save 3000 in a month, not difficult. If you try this method, you can try it.

How to collect 3000 in a month is a real possibility? A lot of people probably don’t believe it can. Because things are expensive now. It’s called the cost of living, but in reality, it’s not a good thing. Collecting 3,000 baht in a month and collecting 3,000 baht forever every month can be done and not as difficult as you think. Even if you’re a student, you can find out what’s in it.

1. Change your mind and the same beliefs.

Thoughts, beliefs Our people’s confidence is different, especially for teenagers who may not have fully partyed themselves. There are two ideas and attitudes about collecting money:

  • I think it’s impossible to save money for yourself.
  • Think of yourself as young, but there’s still a long way to go to plan for savings.

Both of these attitudes are not entirely accurate. In fact, even teenagers who still ask for money from the house can keep their money. Where are we seeing the value of money? And anyone who underestimates you doesn’t think he’s old. It’s also a mistake to save money. Because nowadays, who has as much money as a good life foundation, and that means a stable life faster than others. As a result, you The first step of how to collect 3000 in a month is to change your mindset about how to collect your own money.

2. It’s a good place to stay.

Once your mindset is set up, the next month’s 3000 bill is to pay for it. Let’s say you have your own home support income, plus your own extra income falls 13,000 usd per month, and you deduct the deduction before you take it off. It’s going to start at 1,000, and then you’ll be able to deduct 3,000.

3. Set a small target starting from 100 usd per day.

Some people may feel that the deduction for the deduction is too difficult to deduct for themselves. Because some people cost a lot of money. But this way you’ll need to set a savings goal, which is to set it to 100 usd, i.m.

It is believed that some new ones may not be used yet, so it is recommended to take note of the income. It’s now easier because there’s an app to save expenditure for mobile. Knowing what to use on a daily basis will allow us to calculate what to reduce. Even if you can get 100 usd a day. If you do this until the end of the month, you’ll have 3,000 usd.

4. 50 usd banknote if not used.

The question is why not use 50 banknotes, because in fact, each day we will find 50 baht each banknote, not as often as 20 banknotes and 100 notes each. When you look at 50 baht each banknote as a rare item, it’s not a collectible every day. When you think about it, when you find a 50 USD banknote when you’re going to keep it unusable and it becomes a habit. This is a great trick to save money.

Tomorrow may not be found, but the next day it will be again. If you find it again the next day, you’ll be collected again. You’ll probably get 3,000 baht in time. Good, bad, some people may get more than that too. This is another easy way not to overlook it.

All of these are 3000 in a month, which is actually not difficult. The most important obstacle is how you start collecting money from mindset. If you believe you can keep it, there’s a financial discipline, and you’ll be able to find 3,000 usd in your pocket at the end of the month.

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