Update 2021 for the “What’s the richest business” question?

In 2020, it’s been launched with a lot of chaos in the 19-year-old’s co-percussion situation, but no matter what the crisis is, it’s not going to happen. Our lives have to fight and move on. Many people plan for a new start this year, which is a good thing, so i don’t want to give up. Don’t let the crisis stumble, but we should turn that crisis into an opportunity, let’s see what opportunities the crisis is and what’s in the richest business this year.

1. When “Health” is the no.1 priority right now.

In recent years, the new generation has become more interested in health trends. The more the Covid 19 virus enters the world like this, the better. As a result, health is becoming more and more focused on each other than ever. As a result, you When the Covid 19 crisis ended, health-related businesses such as

  • Medicines & Medical Supplies
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Fitness and weight loss courses
  • Healthy Food
  • Health Advisory Services

These things will get a lot of attention again. If you want to know what’s going on after the crisis, we’ll conclude that you’re sticking to your health-related business.

2. When the majority of the world’s population is “elderly”.

Let’s not forget that the world is now experiencing the problem of becoming an ageing country, or we will say that the world and Thailand are entering an ageing society. Many products and services have been made to support the growth of the aging population, such as:

  • Homes and shelters for retirees
  • Easy to eat for the elderly
  • Health Supplements for The Elderly
  • Activities & Activities for The Elderly

As a result, you If you don’t want to stick to too many viral situations but are still looking to choose what’s the richest business, it’s important to suggest that the elderly business is another business that is very strong and a revenue channel that caters to society.

3. When “beauty” is the confidence to live.

It must be said that the business that has been trending in the last 10 years is the business that involves beauty.

  • Cosmetic Products
  • Skincare like cream Lotions, various slap serums.
  • Hair Care Supplement
  • Beauty Services, Beauty Injections include hand-making for facial and body changes.

In 2018, the market capitalization of Thailand’s beauty and supplements business group was found to be 6.67 billion baht. This does not include other beauty services. So who thinks you want to find a business that can make money?

4. When the relationship of “mother and child” becomes a huge amount of money.

In Thai society, despite the changes, we still care for family institutions. products and services in the mother and child group, such as:

  • Baby Diaper Products
  • Children’s meals
  • Developmental Toys
  • Baby Skills Enhancement Services
  • Children’s clothing

Even if people know that something is very wasteful, consumers need to buy it.

As a result, you The mother and child business is also a business to keep an eye on, and one business that tells you that if you do well, you can get rich. It’s important to know your parents’ needs and to know deeply what’s really useful to their children.

5. When “pet” is a friend who fills people’s minds today.

Nowadays, our society feels more of loneliness and loneliness. Having a pet as a friend or another member of the house makes the family look more complete, which makes goods and services such as

  • Animal Feed
  • Animal Training Toys
  • Hair bathing service
  • Coaching & Babysitting Services
  • Animal Clinic

These have received a lot of attention in recent years, which can be seen as the price of animal feed increases every year. Therefore, pet-related businesses are definitely one of the best money-making businesses this year.

Let’s hope you all get the answers to what’s the richest business in 2020. After the crisis has passed, you will be ready with the business of your dreams. Because the sky after the rain is always bright. So, plan and prepare your budget right now. After the bad thing is done, you’ll be able to succeed in a new business quickly.

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