What can i do at the age of 16? What kind of work do you choose?

I want to earn extra money, but what can i do? What careers can a student do? You can read!

Today, we have an answer to the idea for the children who want to find a special job but still in school. Focus on work that can be done outside of school hours and can be done during the weekends. It’s definitely a part-time job at 16.


If you’re an interested person and have an idea for creating a youtuber or video clip maker, you can do it from the age of 16.

Extra Staging

It’s another job that offers a lot of extra income, since nowadays, series, dramas, movies, and educational content are quite high.

And being extra, it is necessary in order to complete the content of the story. You can find work from the Extra Job Search Group on Facebook.


Waitress in the restaurant

Restaurant serving is a popular event for young people to do after school. Most of the wages are usually earned on an hourly basis. 40-60 baht per hour, whichever rate of each shop.

The job is like a regular shop clerk to pick up an order, serve, pick up a table, or check the bill if you understand the system in the store well, it’s another part-time job that ages 16-18 can do.

A job seeker in a restaurant who picks up children aged 16 and over.

  • Shopping malls near the house
  • KFC
  • Mcdonald
  • Chapoton
  • Yoshinoya
  • Top restaurant brands can see the banners.

Cashier in department store

Nowadays, when we go to department stores like Tesco Lotus or Big C, we often see high school kids working part-time as a cashier more especially after school and holidays.

If you’re interested in working as a cashier, you can go to a nearby mall. But don’t forget that this work requires a thoughtful approach.

If you don’t understand anywhere, ask the staff who are looking after you immediately.

Where to find cashier jobs in department stores

  • Big C
  • Central
  • Lotus

Gift Wrapping Staff Organize Gift Baskets

Gift wrapping is a part-time event that 16-year-olds can do, especially during the festive season or at the end of the year.

Work must be fast, agile, and pack gifts or arrange baskets according to the standards set by the mall.

Hand out flyers

Handing out flyers is an easy task, but there are a few tired, but it’s also an option for kids looking for part-time work at the age of 16.

We have to get flyers from the beginning before they are distributed at different points.

Convenience store staff

Convenience store employees like 7-11, FamilyMart or Lawson will accept employees aged 15 or a high. 3 or more, which is another part-time event for a 16-year-old. You can apply for a job at your nearest convenience store and choose a convenient shift.

The job is to do a lot of things, including as a cashier. Arrange, stock, clean, and craft tasks as assigned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the income of part-time work?

For part-time job income, it is usually charged as an hourly rate. Daily, at 42 – 47 Baht per hour, or 240 to 300 baht per day for part-time department stores, may be less than full-time because of less responsibility.

Or if it’s a Freelance job that can be done online. The job will depend on your workmanship.

Work with me. How hard is it to learn?

It depends on the individual’s responsibility, but part-time work usually takes up to 6 to 8 hours a day. If you can manage your time, you’ll be able to work harder and earn more than studying alone.

However, even if it works with It’s going to be difficult to learn, but if you’ve practiced doing this, you’ll be able to manage your time and grow up to be able to do a highly responsible job.

What documents do I need to apply for part-time at 16-18?

Most of the required documents are qualifications. 6th M.3, ID card, copy of house registration, copy of deposit account, photo

These documents are used to verify identity and pay, making it possible to access the system of each establishment. Pre-document preparation will make you look ready to apply for a job and be trusted.

Does grade affect part-time recruitment?

Yes, but not so much, as part-time grades of about 2 – 2.5 are considered, but having a GPA of 3 or higher is an advantage that will make you different from other candidates.

The company wants to look at the grades to select that person. That doesn’t mean that the company needs a good person, but it means being able to take responsibility for the course, because if you’re poorly grades, the risk of being responsible for your job is high.

So, focusing on studying is an advantage.

Do I need a job interview?

Yes, but not such a serious interview is often an inquiry into well-being. The intention is to work to be able to check your personality to see if it’s right for the job.

So be comfortable with yourself and always have respect for your colleagues.

Children aged 16 can work part-time if we know to find the right job for us, but it is important not to forget to choose a job that doesn’t interfere with class time. It’s best to do it after school or during the holidays.

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