What’s the best way to lose your job? It’s easy to start without getting into trouble.

The covid 19 virus has resulted in an immediate global economic recession, and that has left many people who have a stable job, wary of job uncertainty and income. Some people lose their jobs immediately because the company lacks severe liquidity. Many people lose their jobs but still struggle, take this opportunity to start over, thinking about selling, but i don’t know what to sell, but i don’t know what to sell. It’s not a good place to stay if you’re looking for a place to stay. We’ll introduce you.

1. Sell noodles, classic food that makes a profit well.

Anyone who doesn’t know what to sell because they’re stunned by the start of a new life. We recommend that you start by selling noodles, because this dish is not an adult. The importance of selling noodles is not much cost to do business. With thousands of funds, it can open a shop casually.

If you can’t, you can try it yourself. A few training sessions should be a good taste, or if it’s easy to buy a noodle shop franchise. There are many brands that start with only a few thousand baht. He’s got a recipe for broth and a lot of ingredients to sell. I repeat that selling noodles is really very profitable.

2. Return home to sufficiency farming.

Many people are provincial, come to work in Bangkok, so i don’t know how to go next, so you’re going to stay focused and go home. Let’s bring some new knowledge back to a new beginning with a sufficiency farming way, but this idea needs to be reserved for homes with their own farming areas. If you have to rent a garden, this is not recommended.

For people with places to grow crops or feed animals. Learn to grow organic plants or seasonal crops, see the opportunities available, or who will invest in fish farming, frog farming. It’s also good to have a good mix of agriculture, and don’t forget to find a market that needs goods. Sales of agricultural products and agricultural products are said to earn good income and make a long career.

3. Sell second hand clothes and shoes at the flea market.

After all the circumstances, everything is back to normal. The second-hand clothing and footwear market is back to boom. This is an opportunity for you to look at it. Find out where you’re selling and where you’re selling them, and you’ll need to learn about fashion trends in advance.

Sales of second-hand clothing and shoes The cost of doing so is not very high. Easy to get started A few thousand baht can be brought to your income to reach tens of thousands. It’s not just second-hand markets along the border, you can pick up goods. Now, according to the foundations that have accepted the donation of clothes, it is open to people to buy second hand goods at a cheap price. It’s another career that’s earning a lot of money.

4. Sell fried meatballs easily but profitable.

Who wants to sell food but isn’t very good at cooking? One of the dishes that can be easily sold without the skill of the kitchen is the sale of fried meatballs. Fried Sausage This profession is easy to do. Good income, good profit, too. The cost of the business is intertwined with the average raw material of around 1,500 baht. There are two important tips:

  • Diversity If you have a variety of sausage meatballs for your customers to choose from, the chances of selling well are greater.
  • There should be a sweet dipping sauce for people who don’t eat spicy and spicy spicy dishes for people who like to eat spicy. If the sauce is delicious, it’s definitely a good sell.

5. Simple dishes like “omelet rice” are easy to sell.

Don’t forget the dishes that many people call the desperation menu like rice omelette. Although it’s a simple menu, it’s said that there are a lot of people who sell it for a lot of profit. The highlight and uniqueness of selling omelette rice is its simplicity. You just add a gimmick with a multi-omelette, a minced pork omelette, an onion omelette. It’s not easy to sell well, so it’s not easy to sell well.

If you’re not interested in losing your job, believe that you’re now going to get an idea for creating new opportunities in your life, who’s interested in what kind of interest, or have the ability to apply it to yourself, and whatever you choose to sell, we wish you all the best.

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